A May 14, 2014 WKYC.com article reports an accident that cost a homeowner a considerable amount of cash:

In a matter of minutes, Connie Schlimm lost everything in the lower two levels of her home in Stow.

“I went into shock. All I could think about was that electrical box underwater, so I got the dog and got out of the house,” said Schlimm.

The water came up from her sump pump and rose seven feet to the basement ceiling, destroying her washer and dryer, furnace, and everything else.

The pressure was so intense, the water burst through the wall, filling the next level up with another four feet of water.

It destroyed everything in Schlimm’s office and all her furniture.

“I do a lot of home remodeling but this the worst I’ve seen,” said Bill Thompson from Rent A Man Renovations.

In Saskatchewan’s largest city, not all homeowners have flooding insurance, similar to Schlimm’s situation. Homes with hot water tanks in Saskatoon that are in questionable condition should call the services of an expert plumber to check their condition in order to avoid any major catastrophe from happening.


Hot water is a necessity for families, especially if they are located in an area with temperatures that drop below zero during the winter. A warm bath can help relieve stress and increase blood circulation in the body, which helps a person constantly battling cold to relax.

The need for hot water placed many water heaters on overdrive, particularly when the polar vortex hit a considerable chunk of the continent—an event that most likely put countless water heaters in a state of deterioration. Homeowners who want to avoid any possibility of flooding should check for rusty water, rumbling noise, and moisture around the water heater.

On the occasion that these signs are evident in a water heater, homeowners should not hesitate to call professional plumbers who know how to repair water heaters in Saskatoon. Services like Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning have the necessary equipment and experience to successfully conduct repairs on the water heater. They can also detect any other problems the homeowner isn’t aware of. Water flooding can cause homeowners a lot of money, so ensuring the condition of the water heater and plumbing system will help avert any further damages from happening.

(Source: Are you insured for water damage?, WKYC.com, May 14, 2014)