Hot water is important for a country like Canada as sudden drops in temperature can make it difficult for people to deal with relatively cold nights and freezing environments. Access to dependable hot water tanks in Saskatoon or in any other part of the country is a major concern among households as these can provide them with heated water whenever the need arises. However, in a recent article for E&E, contributor David Ferris noted that water heaters may now do more than just dispense hot water:

One new idea for storing energy, and helping the grid use more wind and solar power, is about as unflashy as it gets. It involves turning a lot of electric heaters on and off really fast.

Demonstrations from Hawaii to Pennsylvania to the eastern banks of Canada are showing that a “fleet” of water or space heaters can act as a sort of fast-acting sponge that absorbs extra electricity on the grid, especially wind power.

storing renewable energy in a thousand basements

While the established design features and generally accepted functions already create enough stress for the equipment, any addition to the duties of water heaters in Saskatoon is also bound to increase the chances of breakdown. In this regard, trusted repair services offered by established businesses like Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. will be crucial in preventing and addressing mechanical problems as well as instances of breakage.

Professional repair service providers can perform assessments of hot water tanks and other types of water heaters to determine if their particular problems will need minor repairs or major overhauls. These specialists have experience in handling common issues like water heaters not producing hot water or tanks yielding rust-tainted water. They are also well-versed in attending to critical problems such as leakages, malfunctions, and breakage of vital water heater parts.

With a possible increase in the number of functions that water heaters have to perform, plumbers and professional water tank repair technicians can also advise homeowners on the proper maintenance of their devices. In addition, they offer regular water heater checkups and servicing to ensure that the equipment will not encounter problems, especially in times when they are needed the most.

(Source: Storing renewable energy in a thousand basements, E&E, September 15, 2014)