When asked about how they usually clean their drains, a lot of homeowners today will answer by reaching for the chemical cleaners they keep under the sink.  Of course, they provide an instant and easy solution to drain cleaning. However, expert plumbers have long avoided this type of cleaning product. Would you like to find out why?

Chemical Cleaners Are Toxic

All chemicals are basically toxic, but commercial de-cloggers are highly toxic. This is true, especially for the off-brand, inexpensive ones. Liquid drain cleaners often contain harmful substances, such as sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid.

These substances can produce fumes that are bad for our health when inhaled. At the very least, frequent exposure can irritate the eyes and nose. Furthermore, these fumes are not easy to extinguish. They tend to linger long after the product itself is flushed down the drain.

Chemical Cleaners Are Damaging

The chemicals in commercial drain cleaners have one purpose: to chemically melt all the blockages and debris. However, substances such as hydrochloric acid will eat away everything that stands in its path. This includes the steel pipe within the plumbing system, as well as the porcelain finish of your kitchen or bathroom fixtures.

Perhaps you initially intended to save money by buying this liquid cleaner, but you may actually end up spending more money on repairs down the road.

Not the Answer to Everything

So many materials can cause a blockage. Therefore, a proper diagnosis must be determined before attempting to correct the problem. A drain can be clogged due to a broken pipe or even a snag in the sewer system. In these cases, since the problem is mechanical in nature, pouring chemicals down the plumbing system won’t help anything.

So, what can a homeowner do to clean the drains? A plunger is a much better option than chemical cleaners. It can correct minor blockages if you know the right plunging technique. At the very least, it won’t damage anything important in your plumbing.

Plumbing is a system. It means there that numerous components support its function. Therefore, many junctions of your system must be considered before you move ahead with any action.

Taking plumbing problems lightly may just cost you more than a pretty penny. Choose your drain cleaning from trusted plumbing companies, such as Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd., to save yourself from all of the confusion behind the proper methods of de-clogging.


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