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Welcome to our blog all about Saskatoon Plumbing repair and replacement tips and other info regarding your plumbing system. Learn more about Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, Water Heaters, and Water Treatment for your home or business. Enjoy!

The Tale of the Haunted Toilet

  Ahem... Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Because I have a terrifying tale to share with you, one that will make you think twice before you visit the bathroom again. Picture this: a small, ordinary bathroom, just like the one in your own home. But in the dead...

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You could get up to $500 back

🚽 "Plunge into Perfection and You could get up to $500 back!" 🚽 Hey there, Is your plumbing predicament getting you down? Did your pipes pull a prank on you this morning? Or perhaps your clogged sink has sunk your spirits? 😢 Fear not, for...

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