dark corridor with a toilet at the end of it


Ahem… Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Because I have a terrifying tale to share with you, one that will make you think twice before you visit the bathroom again.

Picture this: a small, ordinary bathroom, just like the one in your own home. But in the dead of night, when the moon is full and the wind howls through the trees, something strange happens. The toilet, once innocuous and unassuming, begins to change.

The water in the bowl turns a sickly green, and a foul stench fills the air. You try to flush it away, but the handle won’t budge. And then, just as you begin to panic, you hear a faint whisper.

It’s coming from the toilet. At first, you can’t make out the words, but as you lean closer, straining to hear, they become clearer. “I’m trapped,” the voice says. “Trapped inside the pipes.”

You shake your head, thinking it must be a trick of the imagination, a hallucination brought on by fear. But the voice persists, growing louder and more urgent by the second. “Help me,” it begs. “Please, help me.”

You try to run, to escape the room, but the door won’t open. You’re trapped, just like the voice in the pipes. And as the night wears on, you begin to realize that you may never leave that bathroom alive.

For you see, the toilet is not just a toilet. It is a gateway to another world, a world of darkness and horror, where the spirits of the dead reside. And once you enter that world, there is no coming back.

You wake up in a cold sweat and realize that it was all just a terrible dream…or was it? Muah ha ha ha ha

So beware, my friends. The next time you sit down on the toilet, remember the tale of the haunted commode and hope that you are not the next victim of its insidious power.

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