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Complete and Professional

Drain Cleaning Services

No matter what part of the home, a clogged drain can cause quite the mess. Some clogging only results in slight flooding in small areas, while major clogging can lead to damage as extensive as having carpets and drywall removed, pipes and tiles replaced, and mold eliminated. This is why immediate response to the clog is imperative.

At Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, our focus it to make sure all the pipes within your property remain clean and free flowing, helping you avoid the trouble and expenses associated with pipe repair and water damage. Count on our highly trained drain cleaning team to mitigate and resolve the damage quickly.

When you are taking a shower and the water is rising to your ankles, we recommend you call us. When doing the dishes and the sinks begins to fill and smell of rotten food, we recommend you call us. When your toilet is running, making funny noises, or is clogged and is starting to fill the bathroom with water, we really recommend you call us.

Residential and Commercial

Drain Cleaning Services

With a history of being your trusted Saskatoon drain cleaners, we offer effective solutions for cleaning and unclogging all types of drains on residential and commercial properties. With our commitment to promptly respond to our client’s needs, we are able to ensure your day at home or the operations at your business encounter very minimal inconvenience from dirty or clogged drains. Apart from the traditional drains found in the bathroom and kitchen, our complete drain cleaning services also address floor drains, grease traps, and outside mains, and are inclusive of some of the best warranties and guarantees in the area.

Pipe and Drain Maintenance

Drain Cleaning Services

Aside from emergency drain cleaning, our team also provides extensive drain maintenance. Just like with health, prevention is better than cure when it comes to your property’s drainage system. Neglected pipes are often lined with many years’ worth of buildup and residue, and can eventually begin to erode.

Our team of plumbers can keep your system efficient with regular cleaning and maintenance, developing a custom plan so your property receives service on a regular basis. We also make sure that all the pipes and fittings in your home or business meet health and building codes, as well prescribe products that would best work for your pipes and drains when you maintain it on your own.

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Our drain cleaning services are available in Saskatoon, Warman, and Martensville, SK, and the surrounding areas. We also offer other plumbing solutions, including installing and maintaining various types of pipes and water heaters.

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What Clients Say

I would like to commend you on the excellent service you gave us. Your technician was courteous, honest and easy to understand. He instilled a sense of ease in both me and my mother with regards to our situation. I cannot say enough good things about your technician.

C. Corcoran

I would like to extend my heartfelt thank you for the wonderful service your company provided to me. My family and I will not hesitate to recommend your company to others. Again, thank you very much for the great service!

L. Garman