Are all faucets just fancy twins with different makeup? No way! Faucets may share some plumbing genes, like spouts and handles, but they each have their own distinct personalities. Here’s how they set themselves apart:


Dripping faucet with cross handle



Prepare to be blown away by these bad boys! They’re not just your average run-of-the-mill designs! Picture a captivating cocktail of old-fashioned elegance and futuristic sleekness. Each one boasts its own distinct style that will surely leave you breathless. From timeless classics that evoke a sense of nostalgia to cutting-edge innovations that push the boundaries, faucet designs are here to make a statement and steal the show. So buckle up and get ready to embark on a visual journey filled with jaw-dropping aesthetics – because these new faucets are about to bring some serious style to the table or should I say sink!


When it comes to faucets, the world is your oyster, with a smorgasbord of materials to choose from. Picture this: a brass faucet, regal and sophisticated, commanding attention like a monarch on a throne. Or perhaps a stainless steel faucet, sleek and modern, exuding an air of polished elegance. And let’s not forget about chrome and nickel, the dazzling duo that adds a touch of glamour to any bathroom. But here’s the real kicker – the material you opt for doesn’t just determine the faucet’s appearance, it also plays a pivotal role in its durability and cost. So choose wisely and transform your bathroom into a veritable oasis of style and substance!


With the installation of faucets, the options are as diverse as a buffet spread! Picture this: you can have them perched gracefully on sinks or countertops, hanging stylishly on the wall like an avant-garde masterpiece, or even standing tall and proud as a freestanding unit. But here’s the catch: each installation style brings its own pizzazz, which means you’ll need a plumbing setup that can perfectly tango with the chosen installation technique. So, whether you’re going with the conventional sink-mounted option, the bold wall-mounted choice, or the rebelliously independent freestanding route, buckle up for an installation journey that’s full of twists and turns!


Let’s talk functionality! Faucets are like water magicians, capable of putting on amazing water flow shows to suit your every need. They could dazzle you with a smooth single stream that seems to be floating effortlessly through the air, or they could surprise you with a sensational spray that will make you feel like you’re standing under a refreshing waterfall. But wait, there’s more! Some faucets even come with extra tricks up their sleeves, like a built-in water filter that purifies your liquid gold or a touchless operation that brings a touch of magic to your bathroom or kitchen. Prepare to be amazed by the wonders of faucet functionality!

So, when you’re picking a faucet for your home or workspace, make sure to consider all these quirks and pick the one that fits your unique style and needs. For more info on faucet installation, contact us at 306-652-9556 or via our contact form.