Why on earth does my home have a stinky sewer gas problem?

Man smells something stinky and pinches his nose to stop the bad odour.


It’s like living in a comic book villain’s lair! Let’s break it down into a few possibilities:

Deserted P-trap:

Hold onto your nose, folks! The P-trap, that sneaky plumbing contraption, is supposed to block those noxious sewer gases from barging into our humble abodes. But if the water in the P-trap evaporates, those gases jump at the chance to infiltrate our living spaces. Clever little devils.

Clogged drains:

Picture this: waste and water struggling to escape an obstructed drain like contestants on a reality show. As the waste decomposes in the pipe, it releases an odour that could knock out a skunk. You might want to avoid this situation if you’d prefer your home to smell less like a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Damaged vent pipe:

Ah, the vent pipe, the unsung hero of our plumbing system. It’s responsible for giving those unruly sewer gases the boot. However, if this superhero’s pipe is broken or damaged, it becomes the real stinkbomb. Those gases get a free pass to invade our living spaces, leaving us gasping for fresh air. Cracks and breaks in the pipe can be located using our drain vision equipment. Locating those pesky problems in the pipes using this supervision takes out the guesswork.

Septic tank shenanigans:

If you’re the proud owner of a septic tank, prepare yourself for some potential drama. It could be a case of an overflowing tank, a misbehaving drain field, or a rebellious broken pipe causing the sewer gas stench. It’s like your septic system decided to audition for a daytime soap opera.

So, if your home has become an unpleasant aroma haven, it’s time to put on your detective hat and solve this fragrant mystery. You may need to contact our professional plumbing heroes to save the day and restore your home’s fresh scent. Good luck, brave homeowner!