Minerals in water, particularly magnesium, and calcium, might be beneficial for your health. The same cannot be said for your plumbing. Water containing these two minerals, known as hard water, leads to some of the most common plumbing woes at home. The effects of hard water are not only difficult to clean off your plumbing fixtures but can also cause clogs in your pipes. In these cases, a simple do-it-yourself drain cleaning won’t help. Seeking a reliable Saskatoon plumber to install a water softener is recommended.

Water softener solutions

How to Identify Hard Water

Water becomes “hard” when it contains a high concentration of multivalent cations. They come from common sources such as calcium and magnesium. Water collects these two minerals as it flows through the ground. At times, even boiling cannot remove the water’s hardness, a condition known as permanent hardness. Usually, hardness is measured in grains of mineral per gallon (GPG). Hard water comes with a reading of 3.5 GPG or above.

However, identifying the presence of hard water in your plumbing can easily be done. One of the most common techniques is by looking at the sud formation. Hard water would usually yield less lather formation, and would instead produce a white precipitate, or soap scum. Scaling, or the formation of deposits on fixtures due to calcification, is another way to detect water hardness.

The Bane of Plumbing

Although drinking hard water does not have any adverse effects on your health, the same cannot be said for your pipes: not only does it leave spots and film on bathtubs, dishes, and other household appliances, but it also deposits mineral clumps that clog pipes and impairs the heat flow in boilers, which could result into overheating.

Think that the build-up on your tubs and sinks is the worst part? The minerals from hard water can also cause appliances to wear down quicker and operate less efficiently and could lead to reduced water flow and increased stress on your pipes and fixtures. If not treated with a water softener as soon as possible, these problems could cost you more in the long term, while leaving you with a less efficient plumbing system.

Solutions to Hard Water

If hard water has already taken its toll on your plumbing, calling in the help of Saskatoon plumbing service providers, such as Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd., should be done immediately to avoid further problems. Plumbing experts also agree that, after dealing with the problem of hard water clogs on your pipes, the next correct thing to do is to install a water softener system to at least reduce your water’s hardness.


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