Copper Pipes

Copper plumbing pipes have been in use for decades after the construction industry switched from lead. A majority of homeowners are now enjoying advantages such as durability and flexibility from them. In times of disaster, copper pipes offer considerable safety, and that is another motivation for their use. However, they have disadvantages, which homeowners may come to realize later. For one, a good number of modern homes are built with defective copper. This type of material doesn’t last as long as it is supposed to. Such plumbing systems will experience problems such as leakages even less than five years after their installation. A trusted Saskatoon plumber should be contacted at such times.



Pitting corrosion is the biggest problem that your copper pipes may acquire during their lifetime. This kind of corrosion occurs on the inside of the pipes and is localized to small parts of the pipe walls. It may not be as widespread as other piping problems, but it can cause pinhole leaks in the system. Copper pipes are popular because they put up quite a fight in the face of corrosion. That does not prevent rust when the environmental conditions are right for such deterioration to take place. As with any other metal, copper will oxidize when it comes into contact with other materials. The problem with corrosion on the material is that it can be hard to detect. This is a problem that may escalate significantly by the time you think of hiring a trusted Saskatoon plumber.

One reason that is attributed to pitting corrosion inside copper pipes is a shift in the chemical components of the water passing through them. When the pH levels of the water change, that could lead to corrosion and is often due to electrical appliances that are connected to the plumbing system or brass fittings that may be messing with the chemical balance. Corrosion may also form when water accumulates biological contaminants, which is a common issue with soft water that has high carbon levels.

Pinhole Leaks

Copper pipes may corrode longer before they can develop pinhole leaks, and that is why maintenance from a trusted Saskatoon plumber is highly recommended. Pinhole leaks can form when the buildup of oxidized metal on the surface starts to chip away. It is why you should never poke or prod at the corroded parts on copper pipes as these acts could inadvertently cause pinhole leaks to burst and cause flooding. An expert can provide repairs by replacing part of the tube, soldering the leaking section, or even reinstalling the whole plumbing system if the problem is too severe.


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