It’s not the most glamorous part of your home, but the toilet serves an important function every day. Over time, though, you will encounter certain issues with it. You can avoid these difficult toilet problems by staying on top of your toilet maintenance.

Avoid Flushing the Wrong Things

The toilet should be strictly reserved for body waste; anything else can cause a severe blockage—especially oversized objects. You may have kids who tend to flush their toys down the toilet out of curiosity or by mistake. In either case, you need to monitor your children whenever they’re in the bathroom.

Some other household essentials to keep clear of your toilet include feminine products, dental floss, diapers, cigarette butts, and pills. Cooking grease is also something that should never be flushed, for once it cools down, it hardens and can easily form a barrier that neither water nor waste can pass.

A lot of homeowners may errantly flush cotton balls because their composition seems dissolvable. However, they, unfortunately, clump together to cause stoppages at the elbows of your pipes.

Ask for Inspections of the Inner Workings

As a homeowner, you can easily do your part to keep the surface around the bowl and base clean. It’s the inner workings that become a problem in terms of maintenance because you probably don’t possess the knowledge needed to access these critical areas. Fortunately, plumbers do and they can bring a variety of specialized tools that make their job a whole lot easier.

They’ll make sure the pipes are in good condition and check all the seals for potential leaks, which can result in expensive repairs if not addressed immediately. Additionally, plumbers can replace damaged parts before a severe problem occurs. Even if nothing is wrong, you can still get advice from plumbers regarding cleaning and taking care of toilet problems.

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Keep Your Toilet Clean

Put “cleaning” at the top of your toilet maintenance checklist. Bathrooms, like other wet areas, tend to invite humidity. This creates the perfect environment for germs to spread when surfaces are not thoroughly cleaned.

Every time you flush, bacteria can project into the air, as high as 1.5m. Combating bacteria is as easy as cleaning the outer workings of your toilet, including the handle, base, and toilet seat. Use disinfectant to remove any bacteria that may be lurking, even if it’s on the inside of the water bowl and at the top.

The more proactive you are with toilet maintenance, the more likely it is to be avoiding costly repairs. If something does go wrong and you’re not quite sure what to do, contact your local plumbers quickly. They’ll identify the problem and come up with an offer for a cost-effective solution.


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