Have you called out a company with Saskatoon plumbers to address plumbing issues in your home? Then they may need to turn off your water supply while they work on the pipes. There is no need to be vexed here though. There can be an inconvenience of ongoing plumbing work that can affect you and your family. Simply follow these handy tips and tricks when this happens to ensure that your household can continue life as normal.


Pre-fill the kettle

Ensure that you can still have your cup of coffee or tea while the plumbers are working on your property. Simply fill the kettle to the brim with water. This way, you’ll have hot water for your afternoon break before the plumbers turn your water supply off and there’s no water coming out of the taps.

Place a couple of buckets of water in the bathroom

Life doesn’t stop even when your water supply has been turned off. When you need to flush the toilet, simply open the lid of the water tank, pour in some of the contents of the water bucket, and pull the chain or press the flush as usual. Your toilet will flush perfectly even though you do not have running water at home.

Stock up on bottled water

If you are used to drinking tap water, purchase some bottled water instead. This will prepare you for the plumbing work to be done. Another option is to fill a big bottle with tap water before the water is shut off, add some sliced lemon, mint, or cucumber, and leave it in the fridge so that you can enjoy a cool, refreshing drink whenever you please whilst the plumbers are at work.

Shower before the plumber arrives

Get all of the activities that need a large amount of water – such as showering – out of the way before the plumbing work begins. If possible, do the laundry or wash the dishes as well before the water is turned off.

Check-in with your neighbour

If your plumbing work looks set to go on for a few days, it can be worthwhile asking a neighbour you’re friends with if you can use their bathroom for the duration of the plumbing job. As a token, you can prepare a small gift for your neighbour. If this is not an option, ask your Saskatoon plumbing company if they can provide portable toilet facilities for you to use.

In addition, these tips can also be useful when your running water supply is shut off for other reasons, for example, if your neighborhood becomes afflicted with frozen or blocked water pipes.


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