Water heaters may encounter a range of various problems throughout their lifespan. Water discoloration and foul odours are two such issues that may occur. One misconception that homeowners have is that discolouration or bad smells mean that an appliance needs replacing, which is not necessarily true unless a heater is very old. There are several reasons you may be dealing with such an issue at home, and a Saskatoon plumbing professional’s help can save you a lot of trouble.

Is it the Water Heater?

The first thing to do before calling for a technician is to ensure that the heater is the reason for the water discoloration or foul smell. One possible scenario that may not have to do anything with the heater is corrosion in the water supply lines. Galvanized iron plumbing pipes tend to corrode over a period of use, causing rust to dissolve in the water, and this results in an odd colour. The best way to tell if this is the issue you are dealing with is to open different taps in your home, and if the situation is the same all over, then your water heater is not the culprit.

water discolouration

Discoloured Water

Rusty-coloured water caused by this appliance is usually a result of degradation of the heating element due to prolonged exposure to heat. In the case of a worn-out anode in the hot water tanks, Saskatoon plumbing professionals can provide a replacement, which will effectively correct the problem. The issue of anode corrosion may worsen if you live in a place where the water supply is corrosive or chemically aggressive on the anode. The degree of anode depletion depends on the rate at which you use water in the home and how much of it has to pass through the heater.

Smelly Water

A corroded anode may also cause bad smells in hot water, a situation that usually results from the deposits of sulfur into the water. This odour is highly identifiable because it smells like rotten eggs. Another cause of bad smells may be the growth of bacteria in the tank, which is not only unpleasant but hazardous.

Besides replacing faulty heating elements, plumbing experts can flush a tank to get rid of sediment that may be causing bacterial or fungal buildup. It also helps to get tips on the best care for your water heater.


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