There are a lot of “Plumbing companies” in the market these days. This can create a difficult decision when it comes time to choose a service company. The one thing to always keep in mind is, “Do they have the right coverage?” Typically you will find that “Backyard mechanics” or “Plumbing companies” that work out of their basements or the back of their trucks don’t carry any type of insurance or Workers Compensation. This can leave you, victim, to unfortunate circumstances. For example, if that technician hurts themselves on your property and they aren’t covered, YOU can be held liable! This is very unfortunate for homeowners so the best thing to do is…Ask Questions. Ask the service provider if they have all of their appropriate liability insurance and not just if they have worker’s compensation, but is it in good standing. To run a true business, you must have this in place for the protection of both parties. This is just one reason why these guys are usually cheaper than other plumbing companies in the marketplace. Quality comes with a price!