Keeping warm, secure and safe in winter months can prove difficult when snow and ice buildup in and around the home and freezing conditions can make the home environment unsafe for vulnerable family members, like children and the elderly. Some of the common problems you could face around the home in winter months include vent stack ice capping and buildup of dangerous ice patches in basements or back garden areas.


Snow and ice buildup in winter can cause problems to householders as vent stack ice capping is common in cold weather and you may need to contact local Saskatoon plumbers to solve your problem. Your vent stack becomes capped with ice for a number of reasons, the most common reason is due to steam released from appliances such as washing machines and driers.

Another common problem in the Saskatoon locality is ice building up due to blocked drains, overflowing tanks, sumps, or dripping and overflowing pipes. Once cold weather hits this ice buildup can be very dangerous, particularly for children and the elderly. The problem when the cold weather starts is that when ice forms it has a larger mass than water and can cause damage to existing pipes and infrastructure around the home. When the water and ice form in basements or back yard areas it creates the types of hazard that can cause real danger to anybody, but particularly young children or older family members whose bones are more fragile.

Maintaining your property during warmer months is the best solution, but it’s not always possible and homeowners cannot predict just when emergency situations will arise. We can predict, however, that winter weather in Saskatoon will bring ice and snow, so you should always have contact details for emergency service providers to hand. In an emergency situation, your plumber can sort out the worst scenarios and ensure the safety of the whole family during these colder months.

Keeping on top of drain cleaning, water treatments and problems with plumbing in Saskatoon doesn’t need to be a problem when you develop a good relationship with a local plumbing company. Your family will be grateful for the extra care you take to ensure the home and garden are free of dangers like ice buildup during the winter months.


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