Although most of us strive to keep our drains free from dirt and debris, it is virtually inevitable that they will need to be cleaned from time to time. Some of the most common reasons that a drain could become clogged include the presence of food particles, foreign objects, hair, soap scum, and even hardened deposits of grease. In the most serious cases, do-it-yourself products will hardly be sufficient. These are the scenarios when professional Saskatoon drain cleaners can be required. What type of equipment do they use and why has it proven to be so very effective?

Drain Cleaning Equipment


The principle behind the average rod is actually very simple. It is a semi-rigid device made of metal (normally) that can be inserted into a drain and follow any curves of the underlying pipes. Most of these will have either a ball or a plug on their end. These are meant to mechanically clear any clogs that chemicals cannot treat.

Another type of rod is commonly known as a tape rod. This is generally used for smaller clogs. However, their inability to turn is associated with some limitations and these are not normally longer than 100 feet (30 metres).


When a rod is not sufficient, the power of an auger could prove to be very useful. This device is comprised of a spring-loaded cable that can be lengthened by mechanically turning a handle on the base of the device. This motion can help to break up extremely stubborn clogs within a drain or around the inner circumference of a pipe. Augers come in a range of sizes. Some can be manipulated by hand while others are instead electrically powered. Many drain cleaning professionals in Saskatoon will normally have an auger within their arsenal of tools.

When to Call a Professional

It is critical to appreciate when the services of professional Saskatoon drain cleaners will be required. If even the most heavy-duty chemical treatments will not solve the problem, it is likely that the clog will require special attention. Also, it is always better to employ the expertise of professionals as opposed to attempting such a project yourself. There is a very real risk that you may damage the drain or the pipes. Thankfully, modern technology has led to a number of innovative and effective solutions.



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