Does your thermostat keep tripping the reset? The reset button is a safety switch for the thermostat that disconnects the electric supply to the heater if the water exceeds a certain temperature. The sensing button of the reset is always in contact with the metal tank. For that reason, it quickly senses water temperatures through conduction. If you get tripping problems with your electric hot water tank in Saskatoon, then that is an indication of a thermostat defect. There are different causes of such tripping.

Water Heaters

Defective Thermostat

If your thermostat is failing to shut off and allows continuous heating of the water, tripping will occur. Note that this only happens if the water heats beyond the set temperatures. An Electric Water heater in Saskatoon typically has two thermostats that are under access panels. Either could cause its element to heat the water beyond 180 degrees F when the reset opens.

Loose Connection

The wires connected to the upper thermostat could be loose. When that is the case, heat caused by high resistance in the thermostat could be generated. The rest of the components could sense the bad connection instead of the water temperature and cause tripping. When there is a malfunction, the reset button should shut the power down.

Grounded Element

Is the water in the heater too hot? If so, there could be a grounded element. A shorted heating element causes the element to run continuously. It then trips the reset button. Since it is shortened at the center of the element, it lacks a high current draw to trip the circuit breaker; therefore, it continues to heat. At this point, the water heater gets a supply of 240 volts, meaning both power leads are hot. When the element is shortened, there is still power flowing to the un-switched side. That is the element that continues to heat the water until the button trips. A professional will disconnect one of the wires carefully. They will then ascertain their stability by looking out for a continuity reading from the terminals.


Many homeowners are attached to DIY procedures. However, the electrical voltage in a thermostat can be as much as 240 volts. The lack of proper handling can result in severe injury and even death. The reset button is also a critical component of your water heater. With a tripping problem, the most probable solution would be the replacement of the thermostat. However, call in a professional plumber who is experienced in water heater repair and replacement.

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