Blocked drains and wastewater disposal systems can result in flooding. It can cause extensive damage to homes, buildings, and other properties. Such problems affect vital installations like schools, hospitals, and public transport hubs. Without the help of drain-cleaning specialists, the effects can be catastrophic. One such incident is the collapse of an embankment in a railway line. It is highlighted by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada in a news release:

In its investigation report (R13W0124) released today, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) determined that inadequate water drainage led to the collapse of an embankment, causing the derailment of a VIA Rail (VIA) train near Togo, Saskatchewan.


A track inspection conducted about 4 hours before the arrival of the train did not note any defects at this location. Subsequently, it was determined that a culvert at the derailment location had been blocked by an ice plug for some time. The plugged culvert, in combination with a sudden, rapid melting of surface snow in the area, led to water saturation and destabilization of the embankment. The embankment began to fail prior to the passage of the train.

blocked water drainage system led to april 2013 embankment collapse


Drain Blockage

It is unfortunate that a simple problem like drain blockage can result in this incident. Authorities and concerned individuals must heed the lessons of this event. They need to make sure that something similar will not happen again. Appropriate measures need to be taken to ensure that blocks in drainage systems do not accumulate in the first place as no one can really predict how small or large the effects of an accident will be.

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As changes in the weather system and the environment continue to take place, people need to be vigilant of new and different causes of dirty and clogged drains. These problems can pose a serious threat to health and public safety, which is why authorities need to immediately get the right drain cleaning specialists to clean and maintain drainage systems.

(Source: Blocked water drainage system led to April 2013 embankment collapse and derailment of a VIA Rail train near Togo, Saskatchewan, Transportation Safety Board of Canada, June 11, 2014)