Home Plumbing

Sometimes, people do things in their houses that cause major problems. It can most likely be attributed to their obsession with aesthetics or cleanliness. Sometimes, they think so much about appearances and experiences that they neglect to consider the consequences of their actions. As a result, major problems arise along with commensurate repair bills for their home plumbing.

Take your home plumbing for example. There may be some things you are doing every day that compromise your pipes little by little. You may think they are harmless, but eventually, your habits will soon cause your drain to back up or your pipes to break. As a heads-up, the following are some common home practices that can lead to major plumbing damage in no time.

Dumping Everything into Your Garbage Disposal

Here is one thing you need to realize right away: Not all kinds of garbage can be handled by your garbage disposal. You simply can’t keep cramming all your waste down it. If you do this, the blades eventually stop turning. In fact, some of the most common impediments plumbers encounter when the garbage disposal stops include pumpkin carvings, potato peels, and watermelon rinds.

Keep your garbage disposal running smoothly by using discretion with your discarded foodstuffs. This way, you will not have to keep paying for repairs.

Applying Too Much Weight on Fixtures

Sure, it sounds quite convenient to hang a shampoo rack right on your showerhead or use your bathtub spout as your footrest. However, did you know that this may just cause your showerhead to suddenly snap off at its threads? An item such as a shampoo rack can amount to significant weight, which your showerheads are not designed to handle.

Keep your showerhead intact by immediately removing anything hanging on it. Find another place to put it without compromising your home’s plumbing system. 

Flushing Items Down The Toilet

Anyone in the family has probably done this at some point in their lives. They go to the bathroom to dispose of something and end up thinking that the toilet is the best spot to do that. If you have had infants or toddlers, you have probably fished your share of toys from your toilets or had to use a plunger. The problem with the latter method, however, is that it can just end up pushing the item right into your main plumbing.

As much as possible, avoid making all these mistakes to keep your home’s plumbing in good condition. Moreover, in case the evidence of these bad habits has accrued over a long period, it’s wise to call in a professional to inspect your home plumbing and avoid the catastrophe of a severe pipe problem. Whatever you do, never attempt to do repairs of this magnitude yourself. Doing so may exacerbate the initial problem—resulting in unanticipated expenses.


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