The drainage system is as important as the water supply system in a building. You cannot have one without the other. A lot of things go through the drain pipes, and that is why sometimes they can have blockages. Some particles may be too thick to find their way through the pipes and may end up sticking to the sides. Grease and food remains from kitchen sinks are good examples. When drainage systems get blockages, then it’s time to clean them.


The cleaning of plumbing systems has seen an impressive improvement over the years. It is entirely different from the 19th Century when rods and buckets were the best tools for their cleaning. When hiring a plumber to do the cleaning in your home or a place of business, you can expect quality work. One of the enhancements is in the cleaning products that plumbers use today.

The Evolution of Cleaning Products

Drain cleaning products in Saskatoon can be chemical-based or organic. Examples of chemical cleaners are acidic products that work by attracting electrons caused by the increase in hydronium ions when in solution form. Only plumbers have such strong chemicals that require specific procedures before use. There are also oxidizing cleaners that initiate reactions with clogged materials. The heat from the reaction processes causes the melting of the blockages in the pipes. Plumbers also use caustic drain cleaners.

Find a plumber that has access to patented organic environmentally safe cleaners for cleaning plumbing systems. Using natural cleaners is safest, especially in homes with children. Natural cleaners don’t cause damage to pipes, which is a plus. Such cleaners continue to evolve every day, and there are always new formulas that work better than their predecessors.


Another evolution in drain cleaning is in the equipment that plumbers use. When you call a Saskatoon drain cleaner, expect to see the best equipment in use. Traditionally, crude tools were in use when there was a need to clean drainage systems. Now there are toilet augers, hand snakes, grabbing tools, plungers, and drain cleaners, just to mention a few.

Drain cleaning equipment is specific to certain tasks. Inspection cameras, for instance, come in handy when looking deep into drain pipes. They help plumbers in seeing what they are dealing with before taking further action. Sewer jetters and jetting nozzles help with a thorough cleaning. Tools can be manual or mechanized, depending on what a particular plumber prefers. Equipment design can also be for commercial or residential use.


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