You may not know it, but the weather in Saskatoon doesn’t only affect your living comfort and daily mood, but your home’s entire structure as well. There’s one component of your house, however, that you don’t always see yet takes quite a beating when outdoor weather conditions are in the extremes—its plumbing system. Here are some things that you can look for before you call a plumber.

Plumber repairing pipes under sink

Saskatchewan in general sits in an area of Canada with a very changeable climate. With summers that can regularly go high up into the 30s and winters that can drop past minus ten, the pipes and other plumbing fixtures in your home can suffer considerable wear and tear. Before you search for plumbers in Saskatoon, make sure you implement the following tips to inspect your home’s pipes thoroughly:

What to Look For

You can generally be assured that if you’re living in a newly built home then the piping should be up to the task of providing you with an adequate water supply that is hot if necessary. If you’re moving into an older build though, whether you’re buying or renting, it may be worth taking a look at the pipes and making sure they’re in good shape.
Aside from the general wear and tear that pipes might display, it’s worth looking at the cladding around the pipes as well. The cladding acts as insulation and can keep the water in the pipes from freezing on those cold, cold nights. If for any reason there are sections of cladding missing, then there might be some trouble looming on the horizon. For example, if the water freezes (due to poor insulation) in the pipes, it will expand and cause the pipes to crack, especially if the piping is a bit old and worn.

Don’t Be Afraid to Call in the Pros

If you’re at all worried about your plumbing though and you aren’t a qualified plumber, it’s always best to call in a professional. A dependable plumber from an established company like Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. will be able to come around and show you what’s alright and what isn’t and should be able to tell you what, if anything, needs fixing.

Whatever the weather and whatever you find, remember that prevention is always better than cure, and finding yourself without a decent shower when it’s -10ºc outside can be a bracing experience indeed! If you ever feel out of your depth, a reliable local plumber can provide you with all the assistance you need.


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