With a population that is growing three times faster than other regions within Canada, Saskatoon has seen a very real housing and construction boom in recent times. Of course, this also comes with some very real challenges, especially in relation to property maintenance.

Property Maintenance

Preventative property maintenance is a key concern that can save homeowners a great deal of money over the years. One area of particular importance lies within the proper upkeep of drains. Why does this concept need to be taken so seriously?

Fixing the Sink

A Small Issue Into a Major Concern

One of the reasons why home and business owners tend to put off drain cleaning in Saskatoon is that these issues often develop over a great deal of time. In other words, many do not consider such a situation an “emergency” in the traditional sense. In turn, the problem can evolve into the need for an entire plumbing system to be modified or similarly upgraded (costing a substantial amount of money). It should be obvious here that it would have been monumentally easier to perform timely maintenance as opposed to delving into a major renovation project.

Taking the Bite Out of Saskatoon Hard Water

Studies have pointed out that Saskatoon water contains many dissolved mineral deposits. The fact of the matter is that hard water is an issue for many homes throughout the area. Levels of calcium and magnesium can build up within pipes over time. Issues such as tile discolouration are outward concerns. We should also keep in mind that these very same substances will cause drains and pipes to narrow. Especially if they are not regularly monitored. Additionally, heavy amounts of rain can quickly cause a drain to back up. One solution to mitigate the chances of this from occurring is to employ a service that supplies regular drain cleaning and maintenance.

As with many tasks around the home, a bit of preparation can go a long way toward combating drain and pipe blockage. Unfortunately, the property owner will rarely be able to perform such a task without the knowledge that trained drain cleaners, like Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd, have. It is therefore clear to appreciate why the expertise of a third-party provider can come in so very handy.

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