Saskatoon are you dumping Chemicals into Your Drains?

CrossBonesDrain cleaning chemicals, you see them advertised on TV, you see them sold in hardware stores. My advice is don’t use them, they rarely work on stubborn clogs not to mention the environmental and human safety issues related to improper use of chemicals.

Sulphuric Acid is a very powerful chemical used in the drain industry. This acid is not recommended to use in cast iron or galvanized steel pipes, or near fine finishes. This acid will react very violently with hot water. In contact with metals, it will produce hydrogen vapors with the risk of explosions. Bottom line, don’t use it, call your contractor if you feel you have no other options with the use of chemicals.

Muriatic Acid is another cleaner used in the drain industry. It is used mostly for the descaling of drain lines. Again, don’t use it, you can suffer bad burns if any of these two chemicals come in contact with your skin or worse yet, your eyes.

Drano and other like products are used for light clogs. In many cases, if your sink is clogged with standing water, it simply will not work. Issues when using chemicals are when you are forced to call a professional, he must be careful not to damage his equipment and body with the acidic water. You will most likely end up paying more for the removal of the acidic water before the actual work can commence.

Bio-Clean- This is an environmentally safe product that uses enzymes and good bacteria to eat away all the yucky stuff in a natural manner. It is so safe that even if your pets or kids get into it there is no worry of chemical burns or ingesting concerns. Find it through your local accredited Saskatoon Plumbing contractor.