In the past, all water heaters required a separate tank to store and subsequently heat water. Modern technology now provides Saskatoon residents with the possibility to do away with such tanks. Why might a plumber prefer this option and what benefits are provided by tankless water heaters?

Energy Efficiency

It can be argued that the most important advantage of a tankless water heater revolves around its efficiency. Water can be heated up faster and less energy is wasted during the process. Did you know this is not possible with more traditional models? In fact, many studies have found that these heaters can save a family as much as $100 dollars per year. In other words, the unit will pay for itself over time and any up-front costs will be offset.

tankless water heaters

Saving Space

Large external tanks tend to take up a significant amount of space. This can obviously present a problem within smaller homes or apartment buildings. As the tank is found within the unit, a greater amount of hot water will now be enjoyed by the customer. This can be done without sacrificing space within their residence. Some models can even be placed within closets or underneath a sink.

Environmentally Friendly Units

Traditional models required fossil fuels to power their internal systems (such as natural gas). Many will be surprised to learn that this can sometimes be avoided with tankless models. Some units are now powered by electricity. This is an excellent benefit from an environmental standpoint, as fewer greenhouse gas emissions are produced.

Greater Temperature Control

Many customers will claim that controlling the temperature of the water provided by a standard model is difficult. Thanks to the technology employed within tankless systems, this concern has nearly been eliminated. Now users can heat water to their exact specifications.  They can also signify that less energy is wasted during the process (another financial benefit).

These are some of the reasons why Saskatoon plumbing companies will often recommend installing tankless heaters.  It is a great option as a replacement for an older model. Discover whether or not this is the best option. It is wise to contract a professionally licensed firm like Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. These experts will quickly be able to determine the options at your disposal.


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