The drain system in your home has important functions to fulfill, which means that it has to be in the right state always. Having drain problems such as slow-moving water in the bathroom, clogged sinks or leaking waste pipes is not uncommon in homes. The inconveniences you have to deal with depend on how fast you get drain cleaning pros and how well the maintenance is done.

As a homeowner, you should educate yourself about what makes up a proper drainage system so that when something is amiss, you will know if there’s a problem with it. Even with the expansive nature of a drain system, there are some basics you can keep in mind.

house drainage system

Pipe Installation

One of the principles of good house drainage is that the laying of the pipes should be to the side of a building to facilitate easier maintenance and repair. When pipes burst or trees grow into the sewer line, Saskatoon drain cleaning professionals need to have proper access to do their job.

Drains also need to be straight with junctions and bends going as far as possible, and joints should be watertight. A plumbing professional can fix poorly installed drainage systems that may be the cause of common problems.

Water Flow

For water to flow down the drainage pipes without problems, then they must have the right pitch,  the angle through which water flows. A good pitch allows gradual water flow without distractions and with help from the gravitational force. Whether a pipe is in the wall or underground, it must have a suitable slope or water will always be backing up after a short period, consequently requiring cleaning.

Drain pipes that don’t meet sloping standards may give you water flow problems, which you can solve with the help of Saskatoon drain cleaning experts. However, some repairs may be necessary to avoid recurring issues.


Ventilation is another component that should be part of any good-use drainage system. With vents inserted into the drainage, water can pass without trouble, not to mention the transfer of foul gases, from the house to the outside. Incorrect ventilation can be the reason that the drainage in your house is always giving you trouble with the constant need for repairs and maintenance.

A house drainage system should have all the right components such as anti-siphonage pipes to prevent siphoning, pipes for drainage of rainwater, and waste pipes for bathrooms and kitchens. Saskatoon drain cleaning pros such as Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd can conduct inspections during maintenance to ensure that your home’s drainage system is in order.


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