Problematic residents call for urgent drain cleaning in Saskatoon once they see their sinks back up. Most of them may not even know that they’re responsible for their drains getting clogged in the first place. Not to mention the consequences that follow. As writer Terri Bennett notes:

It can be staggering to think that things you and I do at home contaminate nearly half of all above ground water sources. What we put down the drain inside our homes and let go down the storm drain outside take their toll.

Here are some of the things that people should never flush down the drain at all times unless they’re fine with an untimely visit by a local Saskatoon drain cleaning specialist:

top 5 things that should never go down the drain

Grease and Oil

It may be tempting at times to pour down all the used oil from the frying pan down the drain. This practice should be abandoned fast. Greases, oils, and fats from cooking can cause huge problems in the long run. They’re all known to solidify over time. Once the solidified grease accumulates, it can clog pipes entirely. It will even disrupt natural waterway balances, and interfere with plants and wildlife.



Old and unwanted medicines of any type – be they tablets, pills, or syrup -should never be flushed down the toilet. While tablets and pills will simply melt and syrups will wash off, the chemicals in them can cause toxic contamination of natural waterways. Throwing out expired medicines as solid trash is much more ideal for environmental safety.


Various Chemicals

Water treatment facilities are built to remove a lot of contaminants, but they can only do so much. Chemicals from substances like detergents, bleach, fertilizers, and pesticides do a lot of harm.


Paper Towels, Cotton Balls, Wet Wipes, Etc.

Paper towels are designed to be more water-resistant than their conventional paper counterparts. Once they get flushed down the drain, sturdy paper towels begin to wreak havoc by effectively clogging pipelines at every turn. Despite the supposed biodegradability of most of these cleaning products, they still have to be kept out of the drains to avoid further complications.

Clogged drains are perfectly avoidable. In the event, however, that people are still neglectful of what they flush down the drain, plumbing companies like Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. are available to offer assistance.


Top 5 Things that Should Never go down the Drain,, July 1, 2014