Keeping your drains in good working order is absolutely essential. For this purpose, it is a very good idea to have a number of your Saskatoon drain cleaning pros ready at hand. In order to explain why drains are so important to the health of your domestic plumbing system, below are some explanations as to the real function of domestic drains.


The structure of domestic drainage systems

Every appliance in your home that uses running water will have two pipes connected to it. The first pipe will bring clean water to the appliance. The second pipe is the drainage pipe, and its function is to remove wastewater. All of the drainage pipes from all of your appliances link up to the main drainage pipe. It then runs into your city drain system.

So, the function of your domestic drainage system is primarily to get rid of wastewater. Each drain will be fitted with a component known as a vent. The job of the vent is quite simply to let wastewater run freely from your domestic drains into the municipal drainage system in Saskatoon. The municipal system contains wastewater from other homes and businesses in the area. This sounds simple, but it is slightly more complex than that. This complexity is due to the presence of a device called the trap.

The function of the trap

The trap is a small device located in your main household drains, and its purpose is to ‘trap’ wastewater and sewage gases and prevent them from flowing back into your home. As such, the trap is a very important aspect of your drainage system because some of the wastewater that you flush away from your home could be very harmful to your health. So, another function of your domestic drainage system is quite simply sanitation and odor control. The trap needs to be tightly sealed using a component known as a ferrule to ensure that there is no leakage or contamination at any point.

Sometimes, though, these plumbing lines become clogged or blocked with various items, causing big problems for you sooner or later. Should that happen, don’t waste any more time and instead call on the Saskatoon Drain Cleaning Pros. This way, you can be assured to get rid of your plumbing problem and have it working well so that it is back to business as usual.


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