No matter where you live in the world, the risk of flood damage is becoming an increasing problem. Residential areas, which for years have remained flood-free, are suddenly finding themselves underwater. Previously untouched properties are becoming subject to water damage.

Saskatoon is no different. Heavier-than-usual rain or greater amounts of snow melt means greater surface runoff and a rising water table. Where there is flooding, of course, it means that there is the threat of the spread of diseases. On top of that, there is lost or damaged property. Ignoring the problem until damp patches start to appear on walls, or basements begin collecting water, or worse, can turn out to be far more costly than taking preventive measures.

minimize storm damage

Plumbing Solutions

Professional plumbing in Saskatoon is not just about leaking pipes and changing faucets. With years of local area experience, a Saskatoon plumber helps your property by providing a comprehensive assessment of improvements and adjustments to minimize the risk of adverse weather damage.

Simple things like pointing out areas where your garden slopes toward your property, instead of away from it, cleaning and repair of roof guttering, and re-directing downpipes to rain barrels can be evaluated by professionals. Accumulated water can then be used for watering the garden during hot summer periods. Ensuring wastewater and sewage drains are checked and flushed to ensure they can cope with maximum through-flow.

There are also the not-so-obvious things, such as checking to see if backflow valves are fitted, and ensuring they are in good working order. Does your property already have a weeping tile, does it need upgrading or repairing, or does one need to be included? Do you have a sump pit, and is a pump fitted and working correctly? Is the pump outlet correctly positioned away from your or neighbours properties?

If you’ve any reason to suspect property damage from stormwater is creeping in your direction, don’t wait until it arrives. Contact Saskatoon plumbers, such as Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd., and take steps to minimize the damage and financial cost that can be incurred before it happens.


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