After properly doing home preparations to keep you and your loved ones safe and comfortable throughout winter, you should still regularly check possible problem areas during the season. Saskatoon winters usually span five months, starting from mid-November all the way to March. With really low temperatures and heavy snowfall, you have to make sure that your Saskatoon plumbing, roofing system, and other elements of the house stay in tip-top condition all winter long.

protect your home against fall and winter damages

Inspect the Roof

The roof is one of the parts of the house that receive the brunt of harsh winter conditions. With the snow piling in, the roof has to bear all the excess weight. Ice and heavy debris can get stuck in the gutters, causing clogs. Warped, loose, or missing shingles are damages that are often the result of high-speed winds. Ice dams forming in the roof can be problematic, especially after winter when the snow melts and all the water has nowhere to go. This can cause leaks that often manifest in crawl spaces and the attic.

Examine Doors and Windows

Your home could be losing precious heat due to faulty windows and doors. Regularly check if all doors and windows close snugly against the wall. You should inspect the seals for damages on the exterior caulking to keep all outdoor access points watertight.

Keep an Eye Out for Plumbing Issues

Your water pressure is something you should keep an eye on during the winter months. An increase in pressure often signifies restricted water flow, most often in the form of a frozen pipe. Maintain the circulation of warm air inside the home to prevent the pipes within the walls from freezing. If you do find problems in your plumbing system, contact a Saskatoon plumber right away. Companies such as Perfection Plumbing can prevent the development of costlier and more problematic plumbing issues.

Home Preparations in the House

It’s not enough to keep your pipes from freezing and your roofing from failing due to ice and snow; you also have to inspect all other elements inside the house to ensure that they are in good working order. Check your electrical wiring, appliances, the basement, and all parts of the house that could contain fire hazards. Doing so will not only make you and your family feel cozy, but you’ll be certain that your loved ones are safe and secure inside your home.

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