Can water get any healthier? Yes, just add lemons to your water at home.

Although not new, lemon water is among the latest health crazes taking the world by storm. In fact, many attribute the recent increase in internet searches for “lemon and water” to the increase in global lemon exports. Not only does lemon water offer various health benefits, but it also adds a tangy taste to plain water, making it more enticing to drink.

benefits of lemon water


Vitamin Goodness

For just half a lemon for every 8 to 12 ounces of water, you can get between 15 and 20 mg of Vitamin C. Grate the rind to get the zest, which contains an essential oil that serves as an antimicrobial and antifungal agent. Remember not to add any sweetener to help cut your craving for sugary foods. If you must, go with honey; it has fewer calories and more nutrients than sugar.

Water, on the other hand, generally has no nutritional value, but it’s a nutrient in itself, and humans will not survive without it. The human body is basically 75 percent water, but it loses around 3 liters daily. The rate of water loss increases under conditions like hot weather, intense physical activity, and air travel. A fruity flavor in water can encourage people to drink more.

Water Filtration

For this, the quality of drinking water must be nothing short of acceptable under existing quality guidelines. To put it simply, it is advisable that every household must have filtration systems like reverse osmosis (RO) in place. Using a filter with a diameter smaller than a hair strand, RO systems installed by professional Saskatoon plumbers are effective in removing most water-borne pathogens.

Saskatoon plumbing companies like Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. offer top-notch water treatment systems from local and global brands. Everpure, for instance, offers up to three-stage RO systems that have a larger sphere of protection, notably filtering out particles that give water a bad smell.

In addition to purifying water, an RO system also makes the taste of water so much better. When lemon is added, you get nothing less than pure, sparkling water with an extra tang. It’s all the beverage you will ever want, and it’s a very healthy one at that.

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