A leaking faucet may not seem like much, but it can actually cost you thousands of dollars in your utility bills over the course of a year! This is why any plumbing issues should be resolved by a professional plumber as soon as possible.


Although there are certain plumbing issues that can wait until a more convenient day opens up in your schedule, there are certain issues that you should never ignore:

Reoccurring Toilet Clogs

In some cases, a toilet clog is more of a nuisance than a plumbing emergency. When clogs occur often, however, the problem may be your toilet rather than your pipes. This is especially true if your current toilet is an old low-flush model. When toilet clogs occur too often, you may be at risk of an unwanted sewage backup.

The best way to determine the cause of the clog would be to call a trusted Saskatoon plumber to come and assess the situation. Your plumber should be able to help you determine whether the clogs were caused by flushing down too many wipes or if your actual toilet is the cause for concern.

Poor Water Volume

Have you noticed that the water from your faucets or showerhead is subdued or not coming out at “full blast”? If so, you may have problems with your pipes. Old galvanized steel pipes tend to narrow as they degrade, decreasing the volume of water in your pipes. In most cases, this issue will warrant full pipe replacement before leaks and burst pipes become an issue.

Murky Brown Water

Thanks to the efficient water purification system in Saskatoon, the water that runs through your pipes is pristine. If the water that flows out of your faucet is murky brown, however, you may have rust issues within your plumbing system. There is also the possibility of an issue with your water heater’s sacrificial anodes.

If you notice any of these issues in your plumbing system, do not delay to call a respected plumbing company, such as Perfection Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Ltd, to come and make any necessary repairs or replacements. Quick action can save you hundreds of dollars on your utility bills and avoid having to pay expensive water damage bills.


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