Having to deal with a plumbing repair isn’t something that the average homeowner dreams of. Calling in a plumber to do the fix and hoping they show up is always a fun way to spend your day. When the plumber arrives, they typically get started doing the repair right away. This leaves you pacing back and forth wondering what the pricing for plumbing repairs will be. When the plumbing repair is complete, you get invoice shocked at the cost, and become frustrated. That all ends with a call to Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. With 100% customer satisfaction and upfront pricing, you are always guaranteed a great experience.

Know the Price

Would you ever go to a nice restaurant and order something from a menu that didn’t have prices on it? How comfortable would you be sitting through that great meal not knowing how much it was going to cost you? Unfortunately, many service companies operate that way. They show up (or should we say if they show up), to get the repair done. This visit includes a few trips back to the shop and/or the supplier. They then present the invoice when they are finally done.

Invoice Anxiety

Do you see what we mean? It just doesn’t make sense or seem fair to put a client through a guessing game like that, never mind the anxiety of not knowing what the final bill will be. Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. recognized that flaw in the service industry and decided to make a change.

Focus on Service

Here are the steps that are taken on every visit:

  1. Show up when we say we do or provide a courtesy call to let you know we are running late.
  2. Discuss and take a look at your plumbing concern
  3. Before any work begins, we share with you what the investment will be for that repair or replacement
  4. Our service vans are stocked with most of the plumbing supplies needed to do the repair immediately. If for some reason we need to run to a supplier for plumbing supplies, you do not get charged for that!

So…the next time you need plumbing service, you can relax knowing we give the pricing for plumbing repairs upfront!