There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to run a hot bath or shower and running out of hot water. A pilot light that won’t stay lit gives you an uncomfortable shower experience. It can also stop the furnace from operating properly. First, understand that the pilot light is the tiny gas flame that gives power to your gas burner. As much as a DIY process would save the moment, there are many reasons associated with ineffective hot water tanks. It, therefore, means that an occurrence of a problematic pilot light should be worked on by a professional. Understanding this will go a long way in preventing trouble with water heaters.

Water Heater

Obstructed/Curved/Damaged Thermocouple

The thermocouple is central to the operation of your pilot light. Each time this device detects an unlit pilot light, it turns the gas off as a safety measure. If this device is dirty, it tends to receive an obstructed electric current from the pilot, thereby, leading to an outage. Aside from dirt, your thermocouple could be bent, rendering it dysfunctional. When it is bent too far from the pilot, it does not register its heat. Other reasons could be that the device is broken. A rule of thumb at this point is to have it replaced. The best way out is to call in a professional who will better identify the problem and give the right diagnosis.

Flex Tube Issues and Grimy Pilot Tube

Flex tubing could have much to do with your unlit pilot light. This tubing connects to your gas valve and ensures a steady stream of gas. There are times the tubing could get snarled in places that will prevent proper operation. The moment your thermocouple checks out, the other possible problem is a grimy pilot tube. Grime has a tendency of building up and blocking the proper gas flow.

The Main Control Valve

It could be that your main control valve is experiencing problems. In such cases, the pilot could go out. If the control valve is damaged, your plumber could have it replaced to fix the problem.

As water heaters in Saskatoon age, most parts get damaged and stop working. On many occasions, the pilot light is the first to go bad. Limited or no gas supply means that your pilot light will not spark. Without gas, hot water should not be expected. Narrowing down the problem requires help from a plumbing company like Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. Replacing and repairing a water heater is more complicated than most people would think and the process can be dangerous.


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