Plumbing is an integral part of any house, but it’s not something constantly preoccupying your mind. It only comes to mind when a problem arises, be it an overflowing toilet or a sink pipe spurting water to the ceiling. Homeowners everywhere owe themselves a better understanding of their plumbing not only to know the first step in dealing with an unexpected plumbing disaster. Don’t fall victim to these plumbing myths.

By learning more about plumbing, you are likely to see through common misconceptions about this most critical household utility. If you keep on believing the plumbing myths, your actions just might create a problem that ends up very costly and very debilitating. It’s therefore important to be uncovering the truth behind these myths.

Myth 1: Water Heaters Explode

A lot of people get scared when their water heater starts making popping sounds. They think it’s going to explode. The truth, however, is that sediments are the cause of the noises. Loose minerals, such as calcium from hard water, collect at the bottom of the tank and create a buildup. It then prevents the heater from distributing heat when the burner is turned on. Air bubbles are created, resulting in popping sounds.

When this happens, it means that your heater is consuming a lot of gas, which results in inefficiency. It’s best to replace the old heater or clean a relatively new one by flushing out the sediment.

Myth 2: A Leaky Faucet Is Not a Big Deal

Just because it’s only a small drip doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal. Letting your faucet drip wastes money and does no favors for the environment. Over 1 trillion gallons of water are wasted every year due to household leaks across the country. If left ignored, don’t be surprised to see increasing monthly water bills. Also, a leak can wear out and stain plumbing fixtures, requiring yet more expensive repairs.

toilet plunger for plumbing

Myth 3: A Plunger Can Solve Any Clog

A plunger can address small blocks. However, you should only use it if you know how. Otherwise, you can make the problem worse. Also, there are clogs that a plunger can’t remove. If not done right, the clog may lead to overflow. It’s better to call a professional Saskatoon plumber for major clog issues.

Myth 4: Cat Litter Can Be Flushed

The toilet can flush cat litter, but you shouldn’t do it. The litter contains a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii that puts the health of pregnant women at risk. It’s also bad for marine life. It’s better to keep it out of the toilet.

These types of plumbing myths can cause problems. Knowing the truth is the first step to learning the proper, responsible use and maintenance of your plumbing system.


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