The studio-type, small home is moving up the real estate ladder in Saskatoon. At just the size of a normal garage, these “mini dwellings” can be everything a homeowner wants without breaking the bank. They’re also on wheels, enabling homeowners with cars to tow them like a trailer.

mini dwellings gaining momentum in saskatoon

Historical Connection

While seeming to be a recent trend, mini dwellings actually have existed since ancient times. A home resembling the mini dwelling is the yurt, a tent-like dwelling standing on a wooden frame used by Mongol nomads for centuries. It doesn’t have wheels, but it can be mounted on horse-drawn wagons, along with the furniture in it.

Today, modern society is reliving the nomadic culture that defined many early civilizations, only under more convenient conditions. For instance, mini dwellings host their own electrical wiring and plumbing, much like an ordinary house. However, its size means a Saskatoon plumber can install working plumbing with fewer materials, and make repairs or find leaks and other faults more easily.

Plumbing a Small Home

Nevertheless, there are several challenges in plumbing a tiny home. Among the most prominent is the choice of the toilet, normal flush versus compost. Normal flush systems are your conventional toilets hooked up to a septic system, while compost toilets simply bury the waste. A normal flush requires permits and inspections, but a compost toilet will reek of fecal matter for miles.

Access to public water lines shouldn’t be a problem for a Saskatoon mini dwelling, as the structure itself is acceptable as long as they fall within the city’s structural codes. According to Planning and Development Director Allan Wallace, nothing in the code specifies the minimum size of homes in the city, but certain guidelines apply, such as codes for mobility and accessibility for disabled people.

To compensate for the space limitation, Saskatoon plumbing fixtures should project versatility and flexibility. PEX piping can be flexed to take up less space, yet is able to deliver hot or cold water where it’s needed. Tankless water heaters do away with holding tanks, which aren’t ideal for small floor spaces.

No matter the size, adequate plumbing is a must. If you want expert plumbing done, put your trust in plumbing companies like Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd., a company with roughly twenty years of experience serving the Saskatoon area. Such established companies have your back even in the middle of the night, thanks to their 24/7 emergency service.

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