For the most part, many homeowners in Saskatoon tend to ignore the condition of their drainage systems until a problem arises. This approach, although common, is a risky one. Failing to clean out your drains properly can lead to massive clogs in the future, putting your home and your health at risk.

Drain Cleaning Tips

In general, you should hire professional drain cleaning services every two years or so to prevent clogs from forming, especially if your family is rather large. Similarly, your regular cleaning routine should be enough to slow down the development of a clog—provided that you avoid making the following mistakes. Check out these drain-cleaning tips:

Using Harsh Drain Cleaners

This is the most common mistake that homeowners unknowingly make. Many of the most popular drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals. Aside from the risks of nauseating fumes, the chemicals in these cleaners may wear out or erode your drain pipes. If you must use a drain cleaner, talk to a professional plumber regarding effective green drain cleaners you can purchase.

Drain Cleaning Tips; Three Cleaning and Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Using the Garden Hose

At first, though, using the garden hose to clean out a drain may seem like a good idea thanks to the additional water pressure a hose can provide. Unfortunately, the pressure usually isn’t strong enough to dislodge solid obstructions, only creating more of a mess for you to clean up later on. Keep the garden hose in your garden.

Using the Nearest Broom

Many homeowners immediately respond to a clog by grabbing the nearest broom and attempting to clear the clog by sticking the handle down the drain. This idea makes sense if the hair had been collecting near the top of the drain. However, it’s a bad idea to try this on clogs a little further down the pipe as you’re only likely to push the clog deeper into your pipes.

Using the Wrong Plunger

Contrary to popular belief, plungers aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. There are two distinct plungers: sink plungers and toilet plungers. Using the wrong type of plunger can force clogs to sink further into your drain. You also put yourself at risk of blasting dirty water all over yourself and your bathroom/kitchen.

If you notice any signs that your drains might be developing a clog, be sure to call a trusted drain cleaning company, such as Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. Quick action can clear clogs before they become too problematic and prevent dangerous sewage backups.


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