On average, water heaters can serve you for ten years or more. However, their lifespan can also depend on how you use them. If you maintain your water heater, it proves crucial to maximizing your water heater’s service life. You should check it regularly and address any problems once they are detected. Failing to do so can lead to bigger issues more expensive to repair. Worse, you may even have to replace the heater well before it reaches the end of its service life.

Regular maintenance should be done by a professional, but it’s also important to learn how to check the system yourself. This way, you can ensure that the heater is in good condition and better determine whether it needs professional servicing.

Inspect the Pressure Valve

The pressure relief valve acts as a safety device for both gas and electric water heaters. You need to verify that the pressure valve is working properly. Failure can excessively pressurize the tank, resulting in an explosion because the valve cannot open to release the pressure.

To mitigate the disaster, you need to turn off the electricity or the gas switch. Then, shut off the cold-water inlet and prepare a bucket to catch water dispensed water once you pull the valve’s trip lever. When prepared, pull the lever. You can determine whether the valve is working properly when a slight rush of air or some water and vapor emanates from the tank.

Flush the Tank

Minerals from the water can sit in the bottom of the tank and create a sediment buildup over time. This buildup may prevent the tank from sending heat to the water, making it inefficient. It can also cause a clog in the water lines. To prevent this, you should flush the tank by connecting a garden hose to the valve and emptying the tank. This will remove all the sediments and allow the tank to run smoothly.

Address Leaks and Drips

No matter how small it seems, any leak or dripping should not be ignored. Not only do they waste water and money, but they might also lead to bigger problems. Issues with water supply connections may cause leaks. Further, you may need a thermal expansion tank to fix drips from the temperature and pressure relief valve. If you’re not sure how to handle these problems, it’s best to call a professional.

The only way to make full use of your water heater is to take care of it properly. Maintenance requires certain skills and knowledge about how the system works. Calling your trusted plumber in Saskatoon for help with regular maintenance and repairs is the surest way to protect your investment.


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