The plumbing system has several elements that have different functions, and the floor drains in your home have a crucial one to play. When getting drain cleaning and maintenance services, it is easy for a homeowner to concentrate on the kitchen and bathroom, but the basement needs just as much attention. Floor drains can also be in the garage, utility room, patio, and laundry rooms. This type of plumbing is essential in preventing flooding in the home whenever a pipe bursts in other parts or if there is excess water. For this reason, hiring a professional drain cleaning service is a desirable decision when looking to keep your floor drains in good condition.


Why It Matters

Waterproofing is essential because it helps keep the structural integrity of a building intact by protecting its foundation. Water drains downwards once it leaves the different fixtures in the home, and if the drainage in the floor is not up to standard, then that will cause moisture damage to the foundation. When a large amount of water comes down the pipes, floor drains provide room for overflow so that the main drain does not have to deal with too much pressure. These floor drains connect to the main sewer, so any blockage means that waste is not leaving the system, which could lead to flooding if the right measures are not implemented. A Saskatoon drain cleaning expert can handle clogged floor drains to ensure that your home retains its value.

Potential Issues with Floor Drains

Sewer backflow is one of the most frequent challenges that a drain cleaning professional deals with. When the mains sewer has a problem such as clogging in the pipes or heavy rains, the water may back up into the floor drains. Such occurrences can leave a messy home and pose significant health risks due to all the contaminants in the environment, but with proper drain cleaning, you can prevent such outcomes.

Drain blockage is an issue that most homeowners deal with often. You can tell a drain blockage problem when an overflow occurs very quickly. All the clogging threats in your kitchen and bathroom are present in floor drains as well. Floor drains with blockages can produce very foul odours, which can make your home uninhabitable. With a drain cleaning service, you can make certain that floor drains are free from grease, grime, hair, and toilet products.


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