Homeowners in Saskatoon have had dreadful experiences when they have to deal with bathroom clogs. Most residents have had to make frantic calls to plumbing professionals to come and help them in clearing such problems that often result in smelly and slimy water.


Causes of Bathroom Clogging

In most homes, the leading causes of clogged drains are hair, skin flakes, and dirt that gets bound in soap scum that is found in drain pipes. After some time, all these accumulate, resulting in gunk that eventually blocks the flow of water. You can eradicate this problem by removing and cleaning the drain stopper. In severe cases, you might have to call in plumbers to help unclog the drain using a drain plunger. The plumber might have to remove the elbow joint to clean it out.

Flushing down Wrong Items

Some bathroom users innocently flush down items that cannot break apart or dissolve in water. Such items include diaper wipes, hygiene products, and dental floss. All these go on to block the bathrooms and, plumbers have to be called in to remove such clogs using plungers that have anti-microbial coatings. Drain augers that can reach far into the pipes of the drains can help as well by retrieving or breaking the items that block the drains.

Soap Scum

When it comes to clogged drains, soap scum is a top culprit. It builds up in drain pipes to the point where it completely blocks them. Additionally, the scum is composed of acidic compounds that eventually damage the interior of the pipes.


When cleaning up, some users leave shampoo caps, toothpaste caps, and razor coverings lying everywhere. All these small objects can cause blockages in drains if they get washed into them.

Hard Water

Although many people do not know it; hard water leaves micro solids and minerals in drain pipes. The deposits eventually clog the drains. Plumbers in Saskatoon can identify the right agents to use in such circumstances.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Once they notice that their bathrooms are clogged, many people use chemical cleaners to deal with the underlying problems. Experts do not recommend such solutions because the chemicals are laden with acidic substances that can damage pipes. Over time, the chemicals produce toxic fumes that can harm humans. To avoid all these issues, you should call plumbing experts to identify and eradicate the particular problems causing the blockages.