Unclogging blocked drains in your Saskatoon property can be dangerous when opting for a commercial drain cleaner. Commercial/Chemical drain cleaners are some of the most toxic solutions likely to be kept around the home. Sodium hydroxide is a primary ingredient, it’s caustic and can cause burns or irritate the lungs. When you have young children or toddlers in the home, keeping chemicals of this nature is really inadvisable. Anyway, you don’t need to keep these toxic cleaners in the home. You can alternatively use a homemade drain cleaner to stay safe. By following a few simple steps to keep your home or office pipes and drains clear, and in emergencies, your Saskatoon plumber will always be on hand to clear up blocked drains, sewers, and pipes or sort out flooding.



Household Drains

When it comes to keeping household drains clear, using a screen or drain basket to prevent clogging with kitchen waste or hair is important and you should never be tempted to pour hot oil or grease in the sink. The oil coats the pipes, creating a buildup of waste that is difficult to remove.

Drain Maintenance

If you do have clogged drains that cannot be unblocked with a plunger you can try a simple remedy to cure the problem. Sprinkle half a cup of baking soda down the drain then follow this by pouring a cup of white vinegar down. After about five minutes pour four or more cups of boiling water straight down the drain. Using this remedy on a regular monthly basis helps to keep the drainage in the home or office clear of debris.

Call a Saskatoon Plumber

When all else fails, your Saskatoon plumber can sort out problems with blocked drains and floods in the home or business. They also take care of any other plumbing emergencies needing the input of a skilled worker. Call a plumbing expert in Saskatoon when these issues arise. Your problem could be caused by food waste from the disposal unit clogging up kitchen pipes and drains. It could be due to toddlers blocking toilets with toys or playthings. Professional emergency plumbers can call out at times convenient to you. They diagnose the problem, and sort out your clogged pipes or drains in a jiffy.


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