As a homeowner, you’re accustomed to things going wrong. This is particularly true in the bathroom, where faucets and toilets may malfunction unexpectedly. If you find yourself with an emergency plumbing situation, contact a plumber who can handle a wide variety of problems that evade your capacity.

Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets present a nuisance that is sometimes not so hard to remedy. Not only do they keep you up at night, they can waste a lot of water if the problem is neglected. As soon as you realize a faucet is leaking, you need to act fast and inspect the valves. Sometimes, they just need to be tightened.

If, however, you notice damage and clear signs of rust, the valves need to be replaced by a plumber. They’ll bring the right-sized valves and install them quickly. Otherwise, the internal parts might need to be replaced. These components keep water from dripping near the handle. Any loose parts will also be tightened by the plumber who will provide you with a full report.

Clogged Toilets

Toilets often clog because improper materials or amounts of material were flushed. A long list of items that should never be flushed down toilets, but some of the more common are cigarette butts, tampons, paint, hair, grease, and food. If any of these are flushed, it’s important to contact a licensed plumbing professional.

A professional will open the drainage to the commode in order to expose whatever is causing the blockage. The plumber will use specialized plungers and cleaners for minor to moderate clogs. Under no circumstances should you use the toilet before the plumber arrives, lest you risk flooding the bathroom with a nasty mess.

No Hot Water

There’s nothing more deflating than jumping into the shower first thing in the morning to only shiver under a cold stream of water. Luckily, plumbers can fix this problem quickly because they work extensively with hot-water heaters. They’ll troubleshoot the problem, whether your tank is electric or natural gas-powered. The problem may be as easy as fixing a faulty thermostat or as difficult as flushing the system and replacing it with a new one. Talk to a plumber to learn your repair options.

Problems in the bathroom are sometimes unavoidable. At least you can contact a qualified plumber to handle issues you may not be skilled enough to fix. They’ll even provide helpful plumbing tips to keep your faucets and toilets in working order for as long as possible.


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