Toilet Problems Everywhere

Access to hot water is important to Canadians as cold weather can suddenly turn into unbearable freezing conditions without warning. Heating water is a solution most people turn to. However, using hot water tanks in Saskatoon can sometimes result in troubles such as breakdowns. To prevent problems with water heaters, yearly maintenance is suggested. Marcia Dunn of the Associated Press reports for The Huffington Post on how this water heater trouble can be experienced even as far away as in space:

smoke abroad

“A galley water heater is being blamed for smoke aboard the International Space Station.

Russian astronauts reported smoke and a burning smell in their main compartment Tuesday. There wasn’t enough smoke to activate the alarms or to warrant the use of masks by the six-man crew. The smoke came from a vent and dissipated within a half-hour or so.

Commander Steven Swanson says there was only a small amount of smoke and everyone was fine.

The astronauts quickly disconnected the electric water-heating unit and activated air purifiers in the Zvezda (zuh-VEZ-duh) compartment, Russian for star.

On Wednesday, the astronauts installed a spare unit. NASA says it’s working normally.

A similar problem occurred in 2009.

The astronauts say they didn’t see anything unusual with the removed device.”

Water Heater Problems

Fortunately for Canadians – and everyone else back here on Earth – there is a solution. There are easily accessible plumbing services to take care of homeowners’ water heater problems. Given this advantage, folks should make the most out of the opportunity to keep their water heaters in Saskatoon regularly serviced.

Trusted Plumbing Companies

Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. has extensive experience in servicing different kinds of water heaters – tankless or otherwise. Maintenance will prevent breakdowns and similar problems from happening. They employ professionals who are regularly updated with the latest industry knowledge. The service plumbers are trained with new practices to offer quality customer service. Their plumbing technicians can even offer homeowners tips on keeping their water heaters clean.

In a place where a regular supply of hot water means a lot, functioning water heaters play an important role. Regular plumbing services are a must for everyone.  This will ensure the needed hot water is always available for consumption.


Smoke Aboard Space Station Traced To Water Heater, Marcia Dunn, June 11, 2014