Numerous homeowners are aware of the importance of having drain cleaning regularly done. Hiring a plumbing and drain cleaning service is the most ideal option when your home needs to have drains unclogged and maintained. However, there is still a part of the home that may not get as much attention as it should: the outdoor drains. Clogged downspouts and underground gutter drains are fairly common issues in homes. When there is a blockage in the downspouts or in the underground drains, rainwater will not drain properly away from the house. Depending on where the downspouts are located, you may encounter several problems when there is clogging.

gutter drains downspouts

Cause of Poor Drainage

Blockages in downspouts are usually from debris. During summer and fall, branches, leaves, and other debris will find their way into the gutters. When it rains, all these things are washed down the spouts, which can result in blockages. In winter, a clogged downspout and underground drain can also cause problems. What happens is that when water doesn’t drain properly, the low temperature will cause water to freeze in the downspouts. Icicle formations and ice dams on the roof are other problems that you may have to deal with when the downspouts are not draining water properly. Saskatoon plumbers and drain cleaners offer services to address this problem.

Why You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

It may not seem like a problem to worry about, but poorly maintained downspouts and underground gutter drains can be dangerous. First of all, it can cause flooding in your home. Some older homes lack drain pipes or splash blocks to lead water away from the house. It can result in water from the downspouts getting under the foundation. This suggests such a situation that can lead to a flooded basement, mold, mildew problems, and foundation settlement. When water doesn’t drain properly, it settles in the gutter system, causing water to overflow. A problem like this can result into more, such as roof and siding damage, erosion, rust, and a compromised gutter system. By hiring Saskatoon drain cleaning professionals, you can prevent the issues from ever manifesting.

Some cases of the downspout and underground gutter drain clogging may not be severe, and snaking a wire in the pipes can solve them. However, you might find out that the clogging is already too far up the pipes, or there is a crushed pipe that needs replacement. Drain cleaning companies like Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. will provide you with the best solutions. Besides cleaning your downspouts and gutters, they can replace underground pipes that have suffered irreparable damage.


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