Blocked Drain

A blocked drain is a common household problem. It can quickly escalate from a minor annoyance to flooding that can damage and destroy property, costing you money. You can prevent many problems by keeping drains clean and clear, but sometimes you will need professional help.

There are signs that it might be time for drain cleaning in your home. These include bad smells around drains and difficulty flushing the toilet. It can also include water taking a long time to drain from a bath or basin. Here are some of the problems that Saskatoon drain cleaners see regularly.

Outdoor Drains

Outdoor drains are often blocked by leaves. Fitting a mesh guard and removing fallen leaves promptly can prevent trouble. Make sure only water goes down the drain. If you’ve been working on your car, for instance, engine oil must be taken to a recycling center. Do not pour it down the drain.


causes of drain blockage

Toilet Drain

Be careful about what goes down the toilet. Wet wipes are difficult to break down and can cause a drain blockage. Sanitary items, like tampons, should always go in the bin. Keep an eye on young children because they love to experiment with dropping items down the toilet and flushing them away!

Shower and Bath Drain

Shower and bath drain outlets often get blocked by hair. You can fit a hair trap in the shower to prevent clogs. Hair often collects just beyond the plughole and can be pulled out using a wire or a special brush. It can be a little disgusting to do, but it can help you avoid bigger problems later. Even soap can build up in the pipes over time, so it’s ideal to use a domestic drain cleaner once a month.

Kitchen Drain Blockage

One of the most common causes of a household drain blockage is fat and oil from cooking. This solidifies in the pipes, building up so that water cannot pass. Any fats leftover from cooking should be left to cool and disposed of along with the food waste or regular household waste.

Prevent drain blockages by keeping outside drains clear, and disposing of indoor waste in the right way. Keep an eye on fixtures for early signs of a problem, and call your trusted Saskatoon drain cleaning company, Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd., at any indication of trouble.


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