It is so easy to save money on your water bills in Saskatoon when you follow these simple tips. All of the tips below are ones that Saskatoon plumbing experts know to use in their own homes as well. What is more, saving water is great for the environment. It truly is a win-win situation! All of the hints and tips below are things that you can get to work on straight away. So, what are you waiting for?


1. Turn off the tap when washing up and brushing your teeth

Use a plastic washing-up bowl instead of a constantly running tap, and switch off the tap as you brush your teeth. Keep a jar of cold water in the refrigerator instead of running the tap for several minutes to get it cold for your drinking water. In short, turn off taps unless absolutely necessary and you will save plenty of money on your water bills.

2. Fit water-saving devices to your appliances

A simple device placed inside the cistern of your toilet or a filter fitted over your shower or faucet will prevent you from overusing water whenever you flush the toilet or have a shower. This should also prevent leakages that may cost you big bucks later on, although it may appear like a minor inconvenience at first.

3. Measure everything

Measure water out in cups before you fill the kettle and do not overfill saucepans. You can save gallons of water a day simply by being careful about the amount of water that you use when you cook or make a cup of tea or coffee.

4. Collect rainwater for the garden

Leave that hose coiled in the garden shed and use water buckets or simple plastic containers to collect rainwater for watering your garden and your house plants. This so-called gray water is also excellent for washing a car. You can use it as drinking water for your pets as well if you have a thirsty dog or cat sharing your living space with you. However, do remember that rainwater is generally not safe to drink or wash with unless it has been boiled up and sterilized with water sterilizing tablets.

With these tips from Saskatoon plumbing experts, you can expect a lot of savings on your water bill in the near future.


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