Water heater problems can have you running around the house looking for the emergency number of a professional plumber. Various issues may arise with your water heater, and it always helps to be ready. You should know that just because a water heater is experiencing problems does not mean that it needs replacing. It may be that you are not providing the right care or it just needs a few repairs. One issue that you may encounter during the life of your hot water tank is discoloured water.


Is it Really the Heater?

Understanding what causes water discolouration in water heaters will help you find the right services in Saskatoon to provide solutions. When you realize that the water in your home has a strange colour, which is mostly brown, first establish if you are dealing with a water heater problem. In some instances, minerals from the water source may cause discolouration at the end-use point. To troubleshoot, run all your taps and check the water colour. If the problem is with all the taps, then the water source is the problem.


If the water discolouration is from the hot water tap alone, then the water heater anode rod may be the problem. When water with high concentrations of sulphates reacts with anode rods, it causes discolouration and a rotten egg smell. If the problem is with the anode rod, call Saskatoon plumbers such as Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. to replace it. The issue may also be a result of sediment settling in the water heater tank. The metal tank of a water heater may also be corroded due to minerals in the water. Rust from the plumbing systems may also be causing the brown colour in the water


The easiest way to solve a water discolouration problem is to flush the water heater. Many plumbers in the region provide flushing services. During flushing, cold water runs through the system and gets rid of all sediment buildups. It also helps to remove any accumulation of minerals in the heater parts. A plumber will also check if any other issues may be causing water discolouration in your taps.

Proper maintenance of your water heater is the best way you can avoid dealing with discoloured water. When getting professional Saskatoon plumbing services, ask for tips on how to do that.


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