Water heaters are one of the many lifesavers that people are greatly thankful for, especially during the winter season. Just like any other home equipment, however, these are also susceptible to wear and tear. Once it gets damaged, that’s when serious inconveniences occur for the homeowners. Professional maintenance is highly recommended at that point. Here are some of the frequent problems as summarized by HomeTips.com, alongside their possible DIY troubleshooting techniques.




Temperature is the most crucial aspect of Saskatoon water heaters.  Inefficient heating has been the prevailing complaint among its users. Either its temperature is not enough or it gives off a very high temperature. Examine your heater’s setting prior to proceeding to other techniques. If it is not consistent in temperature, the thermostat dial might require a few adjustments.

Taking into consideration the size of the heater, and its maximum capacity is vital for the temperature of the heat released. To ensure that the heater is in good, working condition, it is important to examine the temperature-pressure relief valve, as this prevents the buildup of steam that may result in machine rupture, due either to poor installation or by use of faulty parts.

Flushing Sediment

If the machine makes disturbing noises, the heater might have issues with shutting off, expansion or contraction of its parts, overheating, or it can also be due to the building up of different particles. By regularly flushing these machines through drain valves, it can successfully remove unwanted corrosive materials.


Should the released water have discoloration or a foul stench, it is important to identify whether the source of the problem is the machine or the water itself. Looking for leakages and checking the water’s flow from specific pipelines should not be overlooked as well. The machine’s age directly affects its performance, too, so be keen about the telltale signs of wear and tear, which may signal the need for replacements.

On the other hand, damaged parts may require professional plumbing services from Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd., as they are skilled in repairing different fixtures from kitchen sinks, toilets, and Saskatoon hot water tanks, too. When considering plumbers to do the necessary fixes in your homes, inquire regarding the associated costs and have consultations to achieve the best service available.

(Source: Water Heater Troubleshooting & Repairs, HomeTips.com)