Thanks to a marriage of traditional techniques and modern technology, established Saskatoon plumbing firms such as Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. are now able to offer even more targeted services than ever before.

It is not often that the plumbing industry is associated with cutting-edge technological innovations, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Through the use of turnkey diagnostic solutions alongside services based on the discrete needs of the client, more targeted approaches are now within the grasp of any Saskatoon property owner. What are a handful of interesting plumbing trends to keep an eye out for during 2016? Here are some of them:

plumbing trends

A Focus on the Health of the Customer

Certain areas within Canada are known for their hard water deposits. Not only can these narrow drains and affect the taste of water, but there have also been concerns in regards to the health of residents. Hard water can leave skin feeling dry and those who are overly sensitive could even develop rashes or slight stomach issues. This is the reason why an experienced plumber in Saskatoon will often use modern water filtration systems and other means to mitigate the effects of mineral-laden water.

The Rise of Social Media?

The Internet has played a surprising role in terms of how reputable plumbing firms now communicate with their patrons. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have taken center stage in terms of client engagement. This is beneficial for several reasons. First, the company will be able to appreciate any valuable feedback provided by previous clients. In the same respect, a potential customer can gauge the reputation of a firm before making the decision to procure its services. On a final note, social media portals serve as an additional point of contact should a plumbing emergency arise.

Sustainable Technologies

Property owners can now expect to enjoy plumbing products and services that are highly reliable and built to last. Pipes, taps, drains, and other related products are much more durable than in the past. This is an excellent advantage from a longitudinal point of view.

Not all Saskatoon plumbers will offer this sense of modernity and flexibility. It is therefore always prudent to shop around and use the power of the Internet to determine which firm is the best option. With a bit of research and knowledge, cutting-edge plumbing techniques can be within your reach and then on your property.


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