Without thinking twice, you may send large food particles, grease, and other substances down the sink that ultimately cause your drains to clog. When this happens, and it will consider some helpful advice from a qualified plumber. It will save you time, energy, and expense.

Emphasize Clog Prevention

Sometimes, the best way to deal with clogs is to prevent them altogether. You then won’t have to spend time on your knees or a lot of money on repairs. As soon as you put anything down the drain, make sure to run hot water as a preventative measure.

If you accidentally spill a little grease into the drain, pour very hot water down the drain as well to prevent the grease from hardening. Also, contact a plumber to inspect your drains at least once a year to make sure the pipes are in good condition and no potential blockages exist. They can use specialized drain cleaners unavailable to you, that work quickly.

Use Hot Water

As already alluded, sometimes all that’s required to prevent clogs is hot water. Flushing your sinks with very hot water helps remove sticky residues and particles that may have collected over time. Simply leave the water running until you can visibly see signs of steam. This usually takes a couple of minutes. Such a simple solution often yields results because of the excessive heat and pressure created. If this doesn’t work, then you may want to use conventional plumbing tools like a plunger or call a professional plumber.

Speaking of Professionals…

Sometimes, the clog is so severe that help from a professional plumber is warranted. There may be a large object stuck in the pipe’s inner workings, for example. The only way to reach said object is to take apart the sink. A plumber knows how to do this safely and quickly with the right tools to prevent further damage.

Another option available to a plumber is a drain snake. This coiled structure is roughly a quarter-inch thick, small enough to work its way deep into your pipes to reach whatever is causing the clog. Because of its flexible design, a snake can be maneuvered by the plumber in multiple directions to break through particles, debris, and smaller objects.

With a little maintenance and help from a professional, you can keep your drains free of clogs year-round. You then avoid expensive repairs and sinks that can’t be used for extended periods.


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