There are a few potential reasons why you might be running out of hot water quickly:


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1/ Your hot water tank is too small:

If you have a small water heater, it will run out of hot water more quickly than a larger tank. For a household with 2 people, you should be okay with a 40 U.S. gallon tank. A family of 4 or more should consider a 50 U.S. gallon tank or larger.

2/ Your hot water tank is not insulated very well:

If your hot water tank is not well insulated, it will lose heat to the surrounding environment. This will cause the water inside to cool off more quickly. This is more geared for older water heaters.  New models have more efficient thermal protection from the factory.

3/ You have a high demand for hot water:

If you have a large household it can affect demand. Using a lot of hot water for things like showers and laundry also adds to the demand. You may be using more hot water than your tank can produce.

4/ Your water heater is not functioning properly:

If your hot water tank is not heating the water properly or is leaking, it will run out of hot water more quickly. One common cause is a failed dip tube. If this is the cause of your lack of hot water, you will need to replace the dip tube as soon as possible in order to restore the proper function of the hot water tank.


If you are experiencing issues with running out of hot water quickly, it is best to have a plumber assess your hot water tank and determine the cause of the issue. They may be able to repair your hot water tank or replace it if necessary.

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